Hi! My name is Mark Oddie, graduate diploma of clinical hypnotherapy, certified practitioner of Hypnoenergetics®, and Resource therapist.

This picture shows me enjoying a great feast at a street stall in Saigon, Vietnam, when I visited my daughter in the summer of 2013. I do not usually like photos of myself, but this one is me: relaxed, calm, at peace, and above all in the moment. If I get a bit stressed, I like to think of this beautiful moment to remind me how to be.

Look at any part of your life where you are ready to make changes; areas that cause distress and those where you would prefer to change something in your way of doing things. It can be ‘old stuff’ that needs to be more deeply discovered and settled, or ‘new stuff’.

Dispel the tyranny of those negative thoughts, dreams and nightmares; find out what is stopping you from achieving your heart’s desire or why you involuntarily behave in a certain way—and FIX IT FOR GOOD!

We can all choose the freedom of being our true selves.

 “Look at any part of your life where you are ready…”

If we fill our minds with the thought of the desired end, provided that end is possible, the Unconscious will lead us to it by the quickest, most direct route.’

Eckhart Tolle

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