Customer Testimonials

"I feel I was very lucky to be guided to see Mark. The difference in myself between before and after the hypnotherapy session is remarkable. I had the best night's sleep last night and I feel lighter and glad to be alive. We all stumble on our path at times, I found this a gentle and powerful way to re-set and move forward. Thank you Mark, I truly appreciate your help and healing."

Linda, Seachange-Hypnotherapy client

"Having a consultation with Mark was wonderful, he was so sensitive and caring I was so relaxed and enlightened. I didn't think that I would be very receptive to hypnotherapy but Mark made the whole experience so easy that I found it to be extremely helpful at the time and have used his suggested therapies since with great success. I have no hesitation in recommending him." 

Heather, Seachange-Hypnotherapy client

"I had a very enlightening session with Mark. Mark is a genuine humanitarian. I would highly recommend him to help change your life." 

Tamara, Seachange-Hypnotherapy client

Visiting Mark in his rooms at Sorrento is an amazing experience. It's such a tranquil and relaxing environment and Mark's ability to set you at ease makes a session here incredibly powerful. I would recommend everyone to have a session with Mark - you will be amazed at what happens. Thanks Mark for being so kind and patient.”

Deb, Seachange-Hypnotherapy client

"I was skeptical before I met Mark, now I am converted, he has helped me greatly. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and his great Hypnotherapy sessions. Great work Mark!"

- Greg, Seachange-Hypnotherapy client

"My visit with Mark was amazing, he made me feel very relaxed and very welcomed. I felt very comfortable and enlightened. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone. Thank again Mark."

Moira, Seachange-Hypnotherapy client

"Hi Mark, Thank you! I still feel good!!!!!!! And found it easier to work.”

- Nicolas, Seachange-Hypnotherapy client

"I went to see Mark because I was totally stuck. I couldn't work on my business, I felt overwhelmed by the tasks in front of me. It made me so worried, it almost paralysed me mentally; the more things I had to do, the less capable I was to do them. It was a very nasty circle.”

Seachange-Hypnotherapy client

Mark only did one session with me, during which I managed literally to break out of this vicious circle. (My favourite part was when he suggested I might like to make use of an imaginary sledgehammer.)

After the session, this worrying blockage has just gone. I simply don't worry anymore, instead I'm focusing on the task in front of me. In fact, I started a new business on the very next day. And I'm still running it smoothly. Thank you, Mark!"

Seachange-Hypnotherapy client


"I saw Mark recently with a range of distressing issues from sexual abuse as a child to those that tend to follow into adulthood. All I can say is I went to Mark feeling a strong woman, but like Joan of Arc, with my armour battered. After one session with Mark, I felt like I had to been to a panel beater, leaving with my armour reaffirmed and sparkly arkly. I think Mark just has a way of assisting his clients to access their inner strength through his subconscious work. Thank you Mark... I just feel truly strong and "normal" again!"

- Lyn-Hypnotherapy client


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